19 October 2008

Why choose?

Madrid, Spain. July'07
Why the society makes us choose?
Do u study science or arts?
But if...
We can be lying around and having fun at the same time!
We can have a nice job and go wearing sport-wear!!
We can get lost in the world and to feel as home!!!
...this situation happens to me every time i'm travelling...
and u?
Xq nos hace elegir la sociedad?
Estudias ciencias o letras?
Pero si...
Podemos estar tirados y de marcha a la vez!
Tener un trabajo serio e ir a trabajar con ropa deportiva!!
Podemos perdernos x el mundo y estamos como en casa!!!
... esto ultimo me pasa cada vez q viajo...
y a ti?

07 September 2008

No plan?

London Stansted, Uk. Nov'05


Xq los mejores viajes son lo q no se planean?

Why are the best trip those have not been planed?

03 August 2008


Morroco April'08
The idea of travelling makes me sick.
Already i saw everything what i never had seen.
Already i saw everything what still i didn't see.
Fernando Pessoa.
La idea de viajar me da nauseas.
Ya vi todo lo q nunca habia visto.
Ya vi todo lo q todavia no vi.
Fernando Pessoa.

17 July 2008

I'm the nice fella

Krakow, Poland. Nov'05
I'm the nice fella.
I'm the fella who listens,
the fella who you can have a conversation with, about books, movies, art, ...
I'm the moral support, the shoulder to cry on, the handkerchief to wipe the tears from your eyes.
The fella you call when you need a ride to the airport.
The fella who fixes your computer when you get that annoying blue screen.
The fella who helps you move.
I'm the fella that you call when no one else wants to go to see a concert or a movie and you don't want to go alone.
I'm the fella you cancel those plans with when something better comes along
It really sucks,
but I won't complain
I'm too nice!!!

08 July 2008

Women, take a look ...

Pohoda Festival '07, Slovakia.


Women, take a look at that guy you tell everything to!
Do you remember in "When Harry met Sally" and they were in the car driving, and talking about why men and women can't be friends, because men really just want to sleep with their women friends?
I find that men do become friends with women, because they are attracted to them, on some level.
I am going to admit that.
For the most part the women with whom i choose to socialize with platonically, i would probably have a romantic relationship with if the opportunity arose.
Which is why i believe i have discovered the back face to the rule -
Women only become friends with men they do not want to date.
By that i mean, women have male friends with whom they share things with on a very personal level, because they feel safe, they feel that this is not something that will be used in a relationship somehow.
I guess it’s part of the "nice guy" syndrome.
Of course, the nice guy isn't going to tell you this, so i will.
Ladies, if you have a single straight male friend, that you confide in, and he genuinely listens, and has helped you through issues (especially dating issues)...
He doesn't feel he wants to risk the friendship tho, because having you as a friend, especially a friend who you confide in and trust in so much is more important to him, so much so that he probably avoid other possible relationships.
There, i spilled the beans.

13 June 2008

Happy life.

Donibane Lohitzune'07 Frech Basque Country


Incluso una vida feliz comporta cierta oscuridad y la palabra feliz perdería su sentido si no se viera compensada por cierta tristeza.

Carl Jung

Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.

Carl Jung

04 June 2008


Eskerrik asko Baskonia!! Zorionak!!

20 May 2008

Real life?

Sidi Sâad, Tunisia'04.


You choose real life.

Get a credit, buy an apartment, get a new car, get new furniture, get engaged, eventually marry her, have a baby or two, get fucked up at work, change your job, get a raise, work harder, forget that you have loved the women whom you have married, don’t tell your children how much you love them, never hug them, never bring them up, find a lover, fuck your lover twice a month, never again make love to your wife, get older, put on weight, have a mid-age crisis, buy a motorcycle, catch your oldest child drinking, see him/her with a cigarette, observe how your children’s life gets fucked up, never try to care, pay for your offspring’s collage, leave your wife for a thirty year old woman, get a divorce, cut the contact with the so called friends, make them all cry and hate you, think that they really cared, leave your young woman, get lonely, apologize to your children, never apologize to your woman, get lonely, start smoking and pretty hard drinking, get a cancer, cause your liver malfunction, get an effusion, eventually find yourself with a heart attack in the middle of the day at the street packed with people, no one helps you, you have never bothered to help any one, you die even though the emergency came, your life was miserable and pathetic.

Let’s get back to the beginning, answer again: Do you still want to choose real life?

Written by: Jacek Kibiłda Pl

06 May 2008

Split up!

Barna (Barcelona), Catalunya. July'07

I know that i'm not who to talk about love, and even less about relantionships, but...
I have been shocked!!!
Is not a surprise shock! Is just ... i can not believe that it finally happened!!!
Yes, you are right, i was expecting their split up, time and time ago, but for any reason ... (someone) was not brave enough like to take this step.
What has changed now? ... weird!
It remind me when i was younger; Yes, i was young, and yes, also i knew what was the love, or at least i thought so!!!
Somehow i saw myself reflected on this couple!
However, good luck to both of you, on the new relationship or on the way starting a new one, if u feel as fighting for it, ... ... ..., just i'm thinking i was not able, sad but true!!!
So take it easy!

09 April 2008


Ok, it's done, already official...
The owner of my ass is a bank for the next 35 years!
Such a great new!!
Thanks for let me share it!!!

04 April 2008

Mass media

Platya d'aro, Catalunya. March'08
I’m fed up!
I’m fed up of watching or reading how the mass media manipulate or change the information to his whim!
The last one is curious!
Curious because it in Spain have armed a scandal with something that not have been reflected in the foreigner mass media!
This is not more than the thoughts of IOC's leader speaking about an Olympic games' topic!
He, Hein Verbruggen, chairman of the IOC inspection team, said:

"Does not correspond to us comment about these matters"
"It is an incumbency of the Chinese law, and is not a sports question neither of the Olympic Games, nor of the IOC", talking about the Human Rights in China.
"If I look at candidate's cities for the Games of 2016 ... should we, the IOC, be forced to speak, because Madrid is candidate, of the pretensions of the Basque Country to be independent from Spain? Or also we, the IOC, because Chicago is candidate, one would has to declare about Guantanamo or Irak?", he wondered.
"You have in front of you a great defender for the rule that the IOC must not be involved or interfere in politics or to speak out on political issues.
We are not a political organization", he affirmed.

This was all.
Does someone know why a part of this has got lost on the way?
Thanks to USA and/or Spanish pressure, it has been eliminated abroad!?
In Spain is being used for darnel!
Politicians .......

25 March 2008


Gebara, Araba. EH. March'07
When a friend changes you can find the link that's connecting you at a deeper level.
The surface stuff isn't a good thing to depend on.
Physical bodies change as we grow.
So do emotional bodies and intellectual ones.
Take a deep breath.
People move, life is more like a "wild dance" than a "ceremony".
I just can not tell "what's coming next?"
So if you find yourself trying to coerce someone into not changing, then "dear reader", that's not friendship, that is coercion!!!

05 March 2008


Co. Donegal, Ireland. March'05.
Mientras lucho, veo a personas hablando en nombre de la libertad, y cuanto más defienden este derecho único, más esclavos se muestran de los deseos de sus padres, de un matrimonio en el que prometen quedarse junto al otro "el resto de su vida", de la báscula, de los regímenes, de los proyectos interrumpidos a la mitad, de los amores a los que no podran decir "no" o "basta", de los fines de semana en que se ven obligados a comer con quien no desean.
Esclavos del lujo, de la apariencia del lujo, de la apariencia de la apariencia del lujo.
Esclavos de una vida que no han escogido, pero que han decidido vivir porque alguien las ha convencido de que es lo mejor para ellos.
Y así siguen en sus días y noches iguales, donde la aventura es una palabra en un libro o una imagen en la televisión siempre encendida, y cuando una puerta cualquiera se les abre, siempre dirán:
«No me interesa, no me apetece.»
¿Cómo podían saber si les apetecía o no si nunca lo han intentado?
Pero es inútil preguntar: en verdad, tienen miedo de cualquier cambio que viniese a sacudir el mundo al que están acostumbrados.
While i fight, i hear other people speaking in the name of freedom, and the more they defend this unique right, the more enslaved they seem to be to their parents’ wishes, to a marriage in which they have promised to stay with the other person “for the rest of their lives,” to the bathroom scales, to their diet, to half-finished projects, to lovers to whom they are incapable of saying “no” or “it’s over,” to weekends when they are obligated to have lunch with people they didn’t even like.
Slaves of luxury, to the appearance of luxury, to the appearance of the appearance of luxury.
Slaves to a life they haven't chosen, but which they have decided to live because someone have managed to convince them that it's all for the best.
And so their identical days and nights pass, days and nights in which adventure is just a word in a book or an imagine on the tv that is always on, and whenever a door get open, they will say:
“I’m not interested. I’m not in the mood.”
How could they possibly know if they were in the mood or not if they had never tried?
But there was no point in asking; the truth was they are afraid of any change that would upset the world they had grown used to.
Todo esto después de hablar con unos amigos, ¿Me estaré volviendo loco?
All this after a chat with friends, will i be driving myself to the madness?

18 February 2008


Beograd, Serbia. June’04
I don’t use to talk about politic things, for many reason and none at the same time!
I’m from a place where everything/everywhere is/are politic, even a football match between small boys so...
However also it’s hard to me, (if you know me some), to tell that I’m not agree at all, about what’s going on in Kosovo!
That situation, from the distant, is really funny for me!
It’s funny read and hear how the Spanish government have changed their mind in few week!
…and how the British government and French government support it!
Time ago the Spanish government support them as well, but Russian government reminded them about the consequents it could have into “their land” and immediately they said “no way”.
But they are 50-50 yet, in one hand they want to recognize them but in the other they can not!
Poor Catalan and Basque government!!! Funny!
And about the British government, very brave people or sure of themselves!
Because now it’s time to declare the independent of Scotland by themselves as the Kosovo government did! Isn’t it?
Ah, what happen after this with Northern Ireland?
And what about the Corses and the Bretons in France?
Crazy situation!!!
So, even is hard to say from me, GO SERBIA!!!
Poor country and most poor people!
When I was in there…… i haven’t words to say what produced me watching all buildings being bombed by the OTAN for years even into a big city as Beograd as you can see on the pic!
So, in short, fucking political people!!!

12 February 2008


Euroleague Basketball Final Four Praha April-May'06
Crazy weekend!
Last weekend took place in my home city a great event to those who loves European basketball,
La copa del Rey” (the King’s cup).
What’s this? 8 teams, 4 days, just 1 winner!
My team go trough to the final but they lost it!
F…… b……… h……… s…… !!!!
However, great ambient between the team’s supporters, only few problems as usual with the (pro-“Pachi”)* people of a worldwide known club, luckily didn’t came many to here, to terrorist land as many of them call and think;
but leaving this apart, amusing friendship between Basques, Catalans and south Spain people!
If you have the chance to be on one of this kind of events, do it!
You won’t regret yourself!
()* Ask me 4more info if u have curiosity!

26 January 2008


Benidorm, Spain. Dec'06
Alguien dijo una vez...
Aunque nada cambie, si yo cambio, todo cambia!
Aunque todo cambió, para que nada cambiese,
pues vaya mierda no!?
Someone said once...
Though nothing changes, if i change, everything changes!
Though everything changed, in order that nothing changes,
what shit isn't it?

06 January 2008

Xmas is over!!!

Zaragoza, Spain. Marzo'06

Al fin, coño, al fin!
La navidad se acabo!
Ya va siendo hora que los lobos dejen de esconderse bajo piel de cordero!
Ya va siendo hora que los devotos dejen de esconderse bajo muros de iglesia!
Ya va siendo hora de menos hipocresia, ostias!
Porque coño somos todos buenos en navidad?
At last, fuck, at last!
Christmas is over!
Already is time that the wolves stop hiding under the skin of the lamb!
Already is time that the pious people stop hiding under walls of church!
Already is time of less bloody hypocrisy!
Why are we good guys on christmas?