06 May 2008

Split up!

Barna (Barcelona), Catalunya. July'07

I know that i'm not who to talk about love, and even less about relantionships, but...
I have been shocked!!!
Is not a surprise shock! Is just ... i can not believe that it finally happened!!!
Yes, you are right, i was expecting their split up, time and time ago, but for any reason ... (someone) was not brave enough like to take this step.
What has changed now? ... weird!
It remind me when i was younger; Yes, i was young, and yes, also i knew what was the love, or at least i thought so!!!
Somehow i saw myself reflected on this couple!
However, good luck to both of you, on the new relationship or on the way starting a new one, if u feel as fighting for it, ... ... ..., just i'm thinking i was not able, sad but true!!!
So take it easy!

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