18 February 2008


Beograd, Serbia. June’04
I don’t use to talk about politic things, for many reason and none at the same time!
I’m from a place where everything/everywhere is/are politic, even a football match between small boys so...
However also it’s hard to me, (if you know me some), to tell that I’m not agree at all, about what’s going on in Kosovo!
That situation, from the distant, is really funny for me!
It’s funny read and hear how the Spanish government have changed their mind in few week!
…and how the British government and French government support it!
Time ago the Spanish government support them as well, but Russian government reminded them about the consequents it could have into “their land” and immediately they said “no way”.
But they are 50-50 yet, in one hand they want to recognize them but in the other they can not!
Poor Catalan and Basque government!!! Funny!
And about the British government, very brave people or sure of themselves!
Because now it’s time to declare the independent of Scotland by themselves as the Kosovo government did! Isn’t it?
Ah, what happen after this with Northern Ireland?
And what about the Corses and the Bretons in France?
Crazy situation!!!
So, even is hard to say from me, GO SERBIA!!!
Poor country and most poor people!
When I was in there…… i haven’t words to say what produced me watching all buildings being bombed by the OTAN for years even into a big city as Beograd as you can see on the pic!
So, in short, fucking political people!!!

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