20 May 2008

Real life?

Sidi Sâad, Tunisia'04.


You choose real life.

Get a credit, buy an apartment, get a new car, get new furniture, get engaged, eventually marry her, have a baby or two, get fucked up at work, change your job, get a raise, work harder, forget that you have loved the women whom you have married, don’t tell your children how much you love them, never hug them, never bring them up, find a lover, fuck your lover twice a month, never again make love to your wife, get older, put on weight, have a mid-age crisis, buy a motorcycle, catch your oldest child drinking, see him/her with a cigarette, observe how your children’s life gets fucked up, never try to care, pay for your offspring’s collage, leave your wife for a thirty year old woman, get a divorce, cut the contact with the so called friends, make them all cry and hate you, think that they really cared, leave your young woman, get lonely, apologize to your children, never apologize to your woman, get lonely, start smoking and pretty hard drinking, get a cancer, cause your liver malfunction, get an effusion, eventually find yourself with a heart attack in the middle of the day at the street packed with people, no one helps you, you have never bothered to help any one, you die even though the emergency came, your life was miserable and pathetic.

Let’s get back to the beginning, answer again: Do you still want to choose real life?

Written by: Jacek Kibiłda Pl

06 May 2008

Split up!

Barna (Barcelona), Catalunya. July'07

I know that i'm not who to talk about love, and even less about relantionships, but...
I have been shocked!!!
Is not a surprise shock! Is just ... i can not believe that it finally happened!!!
Yes, you are right, i was expecting their split up, time and time ago, but for any reason ... (someone) was not brave enough like to take this step.
What has changed now? ... weird!
It remind me when i was younger; Yes, i was young, and yes, also i knew what was the love, or at least i thought so!!!
Somehow i saw myself reflected on this couple!
However, good luck to both of you, on the new relationship or on the way starting a new one, if u feel as fighting for it, ... ... ..., just i'm thinking i was not able, sad but true!!!
So take it easy!