04 April 2008

Mass media

Platya d'aro, Catalunya. March'08
I’m fed up!
I’m fed up of watching or reading how the mass media manipulate or change the information to his whim!
The last one is curious!
Curious because it in Spain have armed a scandal with something that not have been reflected in the foreigner mass media!
This is not more than the thoughts of IOC's leader speaking about an Olympic games' topic!
He, Hein Verbruggen, chairman of the IOC inspection team, said:

"Does not correspond to us comment about these matters"
"It is an incumbency of the Chinese law, and is not a sports question neither of the Olympic Games, nor of the IOC", talking about the Human Rights in China.
"If I look at candidate's cities for the Games of 2016 ... should we, the IOC, be forced to speak, because Madrid is candidate, of the pretensions of the Basque Country to be independent from Spain? Or also we, the IOC, because Chicago is candidate, one would has to declare about Guantanamo or Irak?", he wondered.
"You have in front of you a great defender for the rule that the IOC must not be involved or interfere in politics or to speak out on political issues.
We are not a political organization", he affirmed.

This was all.
Does someone know why a part of this has got lost on the way?
Thanks to USA and/or Spanish pressure, it has been eliminated abroad!?
In Spain is being used for darnel!
Politicians .......

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Anonymous said...

it also makes me sick to hear that the media manipulate the content. its easy to say that newspapers lie but people seem to ignore the simple fact that the world's media is owned by a handful of giant corporations. those who have money and power control everything. now, how objective can mass media be if they belong to one person? the thing is that we are taught to look for information in mainstream media. they are easy to access and they literally feed you with what they think is news. we should stop complaining and start looking for alternative sources of information, those who don't remove difficult bits for the convenience of governments or business guys.
a handy list available here: http://www.world-newspapers.com/alternative-news.html