26 March 2010

Accumulate, what for?

Dali, South China Agu'09


One who accumulates knowledge, accumulated pain.

09 March 2010


Jogjia. Jawa island. Indonesia. Jan'10
I know i'm much better looking when i dont feel ugly!

13 March 2009

Anonymous fighter!

The weapons will never have the reason,
but when one has learned to weep by something,
also one learns to defend it!

Anonymous fighter.
Las armas nunca tendran la razon,
pero cuando uno aprende a llorar por algo,
tambien aprende a defenderlo!

Anonimo luchador.

12 January 2009


Hammamet, Tunisia '04

I did grow up in a place where the word given between people counts more than a signed paper, where a bet is like a mass/oration....
I'm coming from a land where whom doesn't follow this not-written-rule, could make you lost all your friends!!!
So if you are playing at me with this... and you don't want to... think it twice!!!

19 October 2008

Why choose?

Madrid, Spain. July'07
Why the society makes us choose?
Do u study science or arts?
But if...
We can be lying around and having fun at the same time!
We can have a nice job and go wearing sport-wear!!
We can get lost in the world and to feel as home!!!
...this situation happens to me every time i'm travelling...
and u?
Xq nos hace elegir la sociedad?
Estudias ciencias o letras?
Pero si...
Podemos estar tirados y de marcha a la vez!
Tener un trabajo serio e ir a trabajar con ropa deportiva!!
Podemos perdernos x el mundo y estamos como en casa!!!
... esto ultimo me pasa cada vez q viajo...
y a ti?

07 September 2008

No plan?

London Stansted, Uk. Nov'05


Xq los mejores viajes son lo q no se planean?

Why are the best trip those have not been planed?