08 July 2008

Women, take a look ...

Pohoda Festival '07, Slovakia.


Women, take a look at that guy you tell everything to!
Do you remember in "When Harry met Sally" and they were in the car driving, and talking about why men and women can't be friends, because men really just want to sleep with their women friends?
I find that men do become friends with women, because they are attracted to them, on some level.
I am going to admit that.
For the most part the women with whom i choose to socialize with platonically, i would probably have a romantic relationship with if the opportunity arose.
Which is why i believe i have discovered the back face to the rule -
Women only become friends with men they do not want to date.
By that i mean, women have male friends with whom they share things with on a very personal level, because they feel safe, they feel that this is not something that will be used in a relationship somehow.
I guess it’s part of the "nice guy" syndrome.
Of course, the nice guy isn't going to tell you this, so i will.
Ladies, if you have a single straight male friend, that you confide in, and he genuinely listens, and has helped you through issues (especially dating issues)...
He doesn't feel he wants to risk the friendship tho, because having you as a friend, especially a friend who you confide in and trust in so much is more important to him, so much so that he probably avoid other possible relationships.
There, i spilled the beans.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you. I have male friends and I appreciate their friendship and I would not like to risk it all by being more than friends. It sad but its the reality of life.

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