12 February 2008


Euroleague Basketball Final Four Praha April-May'06
Crazy weekend!
Last weekend took place in my home city a great event to those who loves European basketball,
La copa del Rey” (the King’s cup).
What’s this? 8 teams, 4 days, just 1 winner!
My team go trough to the final but they lost it!
F…… b……… h……… s…… !!!!
However, great ambient between the team’s supporters, only few problems as usual with the (pro-“Pachi”)* people of a worldwide known club, luckily didn’t came many to here, to terrorist land as many of them call and think;
but leaving this apart, amusing friendship between Basques, Catalans and south Spain people!
If you have the chance to be on one of this kind of events, do it!
You won’t regret yourself!
()* Ask me 4more info if u have curiosity!

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