13 March 2009

Anonymous fighter!

The weapons will never have the reason,
but when one has learned to weep by something,
also one learns to defend it!

Anonymous fighter.
Las armas nunca tendran la razon,
pero cuando uno aprende a llorar por algo,
tambien aprende a defenderlo!

Anonimo luchador.


Almita said...

Me encanto! y es tan cierto..!!

ARTificial said...

Let me post one beautiful song to accompany this photograph.

The Divine Comedy - Sunrise

I was born in Londonderry
I was born in Derry city too
Oh what a special child
To see such things and still to smile
I knew that there was something wrong
But I kept my head down and carried on

I grew up in Rnniskillen
I grew up in Inis Ceathlain too
Oh what a clever boy
To watch your hometown be destroyed
I know that would not stay long
So I kept my head down and carried on

Who cares where national borders lie?
Who cares whose laws you’re governed by?
Who cares what name you call a town?
Who’ll care when you’re six feet beneath the ground

From the corner of my eye
A hint of blue in the black sky
A ray of hope, a beam of light
An end to thirty years of night
The church-bells ring, the children sing
What is this strange and beautiful thing
It’s the sunrise
Can you see the sunrise?
I can see the sunrise...